About Me

I am a freelance web developer and writer living in Istanbul, Turkey. I started doing freelance work in 2008 and have worked for a wide range of personal clients and magazines. I can speak English, French and Turkish. I also work as a community manager in some of the popular social media sites that I developed. I graduated from Galatasaray High School and Istanbul Bilgi University with a major in Media and Communication Systems.

I offer clean and minimalistic websites to my clients. You simply tell me what you or your company needs to showcase and give me the necessary materials, and I'll develop a suitable solution that conforms to your needs. You can either choose a template design that I offer or send me a custom drawing, and I'll quickly develop a well-designed substructure that will use the design you like. A mobile-friendly website can be developed upon request.

My Developer Skills

HTML5/CSS3 + Responsive Design (Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation etc. 85%
PHP (CodeIgniter, CakePHP Frameworks etc.) 75%
Javascript/JQuery 70%
MySQL 70%
Web Developing (Overall) 75%

My Editorial Skills

Community Management 80%
Writing 70%
News Writing 60%
Translation (Information Technologies) 70%
Overall 70%

More About Me

Before choosing web developing as my primary focus I worked on several different projects: I was a writer and translator in a famous Turkish PC magazine (PCNet); I also made music and I taught French to young students.

Things I Like

I like to play the guitar, flute and "ney" (a traditional Turkish wind instrument), ride my bicycle alone for long distances, to sing, and to play with Arduino in order to create electronic circuits that communicate with computers.

Work Discipline

I analyze what my client asks me before I start a project, thus avoid both missing crucial aspects of the job and doing nonessential additional work. I place great emphasis on finishing projects on time.

My Priorities

I spend time to enrich my projects to bring them a universal quality. I especially care about W3C standards by carefully coding and cross-platform accessibility by using responsive layouts for my web projects.


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Please do not hesitate to contact me and talk about your ideas & projects:

info@serdarcevher.com | Istanbul, Turkey